Six Things to do “Before” Breakfast When You Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Sunrise over a small pond with the morning rising fog through the trees

Morning fog on the peaceful pond as the morning sun rises.

At Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast there is much to do all day long but here are a few things that our guests have enjoyed in the mornings in addition to a full homemade country breakfast. 

  1. Snuggle into those Egyptian cotton sheets and country quilt in a one of a kind log bed. Our normal breakfast time is at 8:30 am to give those who like to sleep in a few extra minutes but not be too late for our early risers.
  2. Coffee!!!! Some people just need that cup of Joe to get going in the morning.  That is why at Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast we have a refreshment bar that is always available.  So if you get up early, you can make a cup of coffee or tea to your liking.
  3. So now that you have your coffee, where will you sit to enjoy it? Each of our rooms has a private patio with water or wooded views.  The waterside gazebos are a relaxing choice or maybe a leisurely stroll over our bridge around the country estate.  Wherever you choose, there is no question that you will find it to be a peaceful start to your day.
  4. The fish are biting early.  Why not throw a line in the pond and catch some.  At Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast we have a 2 1/2 acre stocked pond for catch and release fishing.  Many guests bring their favorite fishing pole, but if you didn’t think about it, we have a pole that we can loan you.  A recent guest caught 15 fish in the hour before breakfast. 
  5. Need a change of scenery for your morning walk?  At Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast we have two different walking trails.  Our longer trail is about a half mile long through our lower wooded area.  The upper trail is shorter and more leisurely. 
  6. In the early morning the wildlife is very active here at Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast.  The deer are moving around in the early morning. We see many of them but I love the new ones.  This year, a doe with triplets are seen by the pond.  The fawns are getting bigger but still have their spots.  There is a flock of wild turkeys that are here most mornings.  They especially like to come out in the light rain.  There are so many different types of birds here.  Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Heron, Owls, and a variety of smaller birds.  Make sure that you have your camera ready!
  7. In the winter, maybe you just want to grab a book and curl up by the fireplace and read while you enjoy your morning coffee.

And now it’s time for a home-cooked country breakfast. But that’s a whole other blog.

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