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10 Reasons Bed and Breakfasts are Better than Hotels

Wooded area with a red bridge next to a white wooden fence leading to a brown buildingStaying at a Bed and Breakfast is a unique travel experience. The key word here is “experience”.  Most Bed and Breakfasts offer so much more than just a place to sleep and grab a quick bite in the morning.  Here are ten extra special touches that you can expect to “experience” when staying at a Bed and Breakfast. 

  1. Breakfast is included -   Obvious, yes, but in addition to convenience and cost savings, breakfasts usually range from a continental spread to a homemade gourmet meal.  Definitely not what you will find for breakfast at a chain hotel.
  2. Peace, quiet and privacy -  Many B & B’s offer an exclusive experience with fewer guests.  It might be just what you are looking for in a quiet weekend getaway.
  3. Personal Service -  With fewer guests than a hotel, innkeepers are able to give you a much more personal experience. 
  4. Off the beaten path Many B & B’s are in less traveled areas giving you the opportunity to see parts of the country that you might not experience otherwise. 
  5. Perfect Romantic Getaway -  From special romance packages to small weddings/elopements, B & B’s will definitely give you a once in a lifetime experience that you and your guests will remember. 
  6. Security -  With fewer people coming and going, less going on and the personal investment of your small innkeeper, it offers the most secure scenario while traveling.
  7. Local Culture -  Innkeepers take the time to know their area and all that there is going on as well as those special local events and experiences for you to check out during your stay.
  8. Extra Activities Many B & B’s offer unique activities to experience during your stay.  Some of these might include: biking, hiking, fishing, sports or nature. 
  9. Unexpected Luxuries -  Need a bit of pampering?  B & B’s typically pride themselves on giving their guests those extra special touches that you can’t find at your typical hotel.  Luxury bed linens and towels, coffee bars, fresh baked goods, games, books and movies are just a few upgraded amenities that are available.
  10. A Great Value -  Although B & B rooms might seem to be priced higher than hotels, they are usually an better value overall.  More amenities and an unique one of a kind experience offer the most for your money.