Starting Our B&B Dream in Beautiful Eastern Missouri

Large open pond with lush greenery around and a dock and gazebo in distanceI recently read an article posted on pointing out the 8 Undeniable Differences Between the Eastern and Western parts of Missouri. I found it not only true but it pointed out some of the reasons why we love Eastern Missouri.

In the article it talks about the differences but I think that it also shows the uniqueness of this great state. From baseball to barbecue or beer to bread the article shows an interesting comparison. And the final question is the debate of pop vs. soda.

We are new to Missouri. We moved to the Kansas City area last summer from Joliet, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Our move was not an easy one as both my husband and I have lived in Illinois our whole lives. But sometimes you just know that it is time for something different. It is scary to move where you don’t know anyone, but that didn’t last long. One of the first things that we noticed in the Kansas City area is how nice the people are. We felt very welcomed and we couldn’t be happier in Missouri.

Opening Walnut Waters Bed and Breakfast has been a dream a long time coming and we want to continue sharing the hospitality of Missouri to all who visit. In future blogs, we will continue to point out the uniqueness of this great state. We would love to have you visit to see the area and our gorgeous bed and breakfast for yourself! Book your next getaway today! 

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